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There he starts to meet shady characters, including his great friend Ivan. Soon he becomes involved in an adventure where he will have to find the mystery of his father's death. In a departure from his usual, Kravchuk found a new screen partner. In the past few years he had shared an on-screen role with Sergei Shepelev, Gennady Voinov, and Mikhail Ulyanov, and the latter was set to play the role of Sasha. At the same time, Kravchuk began a long relationship with Agness Kuznetsova. The filming started in autumn of 2004. The film premiered on 17 April 2005 at the Cannes Film Festival. The film was released in Russia on 17 May 2005, and it had over 4 million spectators. Plot The film starts in 1994, with the beginning of the school year at Sasha's primary school. He has no friends. A friendly man with a cap, who is wearing a T-shirt, notices Sasha's sadness. Later Sasha travels to Russia with his father and his stepmother from Spain. There Sasha starts school. He meets a girl whom he likes, and she invites him to her birthday party. There he meets Ivan. The same man who noticed Sasha's depression comes to the party and makes fun of Sasha's new friend, who joins in the joke, but later he proves to be a good friend. Sasha goes to a boarding school which has a local zoo. He loves the zoo, as there are big, thick, black bears. After school, in the evening, Sasha and his friends walk to the zoo. On their way, they come across an unpleasant man. Sasha does not know what to say or do; he just feels uneasy. The unpleasant man continues to irritate Sasha and his friends, but Sasha wants to leave the man behind and continue to walk. But the man turns out to be an undercover agent sent to protect Sasha's father. Sasha's father is a criminal who was killed many years ago. Sasha and his father were supposed to meet, but the car crashed. The man working with Sasha's father was one of the passengers, who had a different surname. The bad guy gets to Sasha's father first, to kill him and to take his identity, so he can travel around Russia using it. The father's other two accomplices - he also took part in the accident - were killed at the same time. Sasha decides to seek his father and find his death. Sasha





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HD Online Player (download Rustom Movie In 720p Movies)

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