May 22, 2019


It's the announcement we all hate to hear, but need to respect. Wet trails don't care if it is the only day of the week you can ride, or if you have driven a long way, or if you just got a new bike and are desperate to try it out. A closed trail is a closed trail, and we close them for a reason. Why? Please read on... 

Why do you close trails?

There are two types of erosion that can damage a trail- Natural erosion and user erosion. Natural erosion comes from Mother Nature’s constant attempt to level the surface of a trail. Water, wind and gravity wear away at surfaces causing erosion.  User erosion comes in many for...

January 22, 2019

A while back (before the last big snowstorm) a buddy and I went out to Sidie Hollow for an afternoon bike ride. We knew the conditions might be a little slick, but it was a beautiful day, the ground was frozen, and we were itching to ride. We quickly realized after only a few minutes that there was A LOT of ice on the trail. We should've known, as this is what happens when snow gets packed down, and then thaws, and then refreezes; it turns into a sheet of treachery. My buddy was in front on a 2018 Kona Wo that he rented (from Bluedog Cycles, of course!) with a set of Jumbo Jims (non-studded) and I was on my 2016...

November 25, 2018

Cody of Bluedog Cycles gives his 2 cents about 45NRTH's Sturmfist 5 winter gloves. He's tried them time and time again and has a lot of good things to say...

February 10, 2017

*The view expressed in this article is solely of its author and may not represent the direct views of Bluedog Cycles.

Everybody wants that thriving downtown district, the kind of happening small town that's fun to show off to your friends from the city. That type of town that has things to do, places to eat, shows to see, good music, good food, exceptional commerce, and incredible recreation opportunities. To me and to many that town is Viroqua, WI.

It hasn't always been that way though, as always there is room for improvement, and people are still working towards wonderful goals all the time to make the community a better place. As a 20-someth...

August 9, 2015

There is only one proper way to start this post and thats the biggest THANK YOU I can muster to anyone that has ever picked up a trail building tool and spent an honest day in the woods.  You guys/gals/kids rock.  As most know, trails don't go out and build themselves (although somedays I wish they would).  The level of volunteer involvment in trail building is really an incredible thing to witness.  From the behind the scenes of land access and policy, to the nitty gritty of swinging a tool, the process is riddled with unpaid volunteers.  Overwhelmingly, the trail systems you are riding were probably first started by volunteers (and may stil...

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