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Mike reviews 45NRTH Studded Tires

A while back (before the last big snowstorm) a buddy and I went out to Sidie Hollow for an afternoon bike ride. We knew the conditions might be a little slick, but it was a beautiful day, the ground was frozen, and we were itching to ride. We quickly realized after only a few minutes that there was A LOT of ice on the trail. We should've known, as this is what happens when snow gets packed down, and then thaws, and then refreezes; it turns into a sheet of treachery. My buddy was in front on a 2018 Kona Wo that he rented (from Bluedog Cycles, of course!) with a set of Jumbo Jims (non-studded) and I was on my 2016 Wo with a pair of 45NRTH Dillinger 4 studded tires. The difference was astounding! While he was slipping and sliding all over the place, losing confidence by the second; I felt like I had a firm grip on the trail, with each one of the 240 aluminum carbide concave studs carving into the ice like it was butter. The Dilly 4s really shined on the uphills, when I could literally hear the studs biting into the ice as I crawled my way up. Downhills were still a bit sketchy, but my confidence was so much higher knowing that I had crucial traction when I needed it the most. Let's face it - icy winters are the new norm around here, and if you are going to ride trail between December and March, you better get yourself outfitted with some studs. It's a good thing that Bluedog has the tires you need to keep you upright on ice! We have a wide array of sizes and styles of studded 45NRTH tires on hand for just about any bike and if we don't have what you are looking for, we can order it. Don't let another icy winter keep you inside.... get some studs!

Oh - and check out this video of a guy biking on a frozen lake:

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