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Mmm Salsa.


Did you guys notice we have some new friends in the shop? Yup thats right. We deal Salsa. We really like their fat ones, so we thought we would share some pictures.... Yup thats a carbon Beargrease, and yup it weighs only 1/2 a pound more than my single speed (it's light alright). With tires so fat you can ride year round, snow, sand, mud, or just regular ol single track. The traction you get with 4 to 5 inch wide tires just can't be matched. A wider footprint also means more adventure, the wide tires can smooth out trail that is otherwise impassible on your average mountain bike. You know that old logging road, go ride it, the pasture behind your house, ride it, the singletrack at Sidie Hollow, GO RIDE IT! If you can ride one of these and not crack a smile I might have to check your pulse.

Salsa - Adventure By Bike.

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