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Kids Rule. Adults Drool.

... Okay Adults can be cool too but I don't think it's any secret that here at Bluedog Cycles we think children pretty much have got life figured out. Eat, Sleep, Learn, and PLAY. That's why we were so excited when North Crawford Schools chose us to supply them with 55 bikes and helmets as part of PEP Grant funding they recieved to spiff up physical ed. equipment. After hours of toiling over price sheets, calls to industry friends, and planning I suppose we were a little more than just excited to hear the news. Not only did they choose us for bikes, but also for XC skis and snowshoes for winter adventures.

Why do we get so excited about this? Because how many schools set up a bunch of kids on totally rippin' mountain bikes? There's talk of saftey courses, and all sorts of continual involvment with the kidos. With school funding being cut on the regular we like to focus on some of the positive stuff happening out there. The fact that some kids are going to get even more excited to get outside and play is enough to keep us late at the shop building bikes.

A bunch of bikes off to a bunch of kids is a great way to start off the season, but it's just the beginning. We are looking forward to having another awesome year at Camp Bluedog teaching kids all about mountain bikes, what it means to be a responsible trail user, how to safely shred trail, and much more. If you want more info on Camp Bluedog check out the Events page.

We believe in kids on bikes for so many reasons. We aren't looking to breed the next generation of mountain bike racers by any stretch (at least not yet). We do love a good bike pile in the front yard though. Whether it's first freedom from training wheels, or the discovery of anti gravity, we strive to continue to help kids have positive expierences.

Thanks to all the folks, the big and especially the little that have helped us become the largest Kona kids bike dealer in the U.S.A.


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